What you may not know about Himalayan salt lamp

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So you want to know some unfamiliar things about the Himalayan salt lamp? Sound good! Let’s get started; the salt lamp is composed of dried aftermaths and leftovers of the first, primal sea that dates back to the creation of the earth. Think about it this way; the salt lamp is what anyone who desires to have a natural and fantastic source of the clean and fresh atmosphere wouldn’t want to miss.

Wham! You just got a tip of what this salt lamp means, but not yet familiar with what some of its unique benefits. Below are some advantages of the Himalayan salt lamp:

Reduces asthmatic symptoms and allergy: Human beings differ and often have different health conditions. Any health condition has the factor that worsens or alleviates it, and asthmatic symptoms get fair with these salt lamps. Himalayan salt lamps remove tiny particles, mildew from the environment, which can trigger asthma. Having one or more salt lamps in the room where you stay often can reduce allergy too. Suffice it to say that these salt lamps are healthy for the human air passages.

Air deodorization and cleaning: Himalayan salt lamp purifies and deodorizes the air, and this is one of the major reasons while many can’t resist having it. These salt lamps work well when it comes to removing dust, smoke and other air pollutants from the atmosphere, and other sources of particles and pollens in the air. You may be thinking, how does Himalayan lamp salt do the cleansing? Well; these salts are hygroscopic, as such; can easily attract and absorb water molecules and other foreign particles. When the lamp warms up, it evaporates the absorbed water and retains the unwanted particles, making the air around it clean and deodorized.

Enhanced mood and sleep: Ever had a restless night? Trace it back to the day before, and you will most probably find that you had a bad day. Sometimes, you worry a lot at night, causing quality sleep to be far away from you. In other cases, it could mean abnormal health condition. Whatever be the case, the Himalayan salt lamp can always work wonders when it comes to enhancing your mood and sleep. The eye catchy pinkish to the orange, yellow light of the lamp gives the mind and body a calming effect. Also, these salt lamps give out negative ions (impressive molecules) that reduce anxiety, as well make for an atmosphere that boosts the mood and encourages sleep.

Helps in boosting energy: Sounds confusing, right? But, this is so true. Get this; the Himalayan salt lamp is one source of negative ions that subconsciously boost energy. Have you ever had an early morning shower? Or driving across the countryside with your side windows lowered? If yes, you can attest to the sort or re-energization one feels when one does such activity. This can be likened to what you feel when you stay close, or in a room where the lamp is warming up.

Hope you got to learn one or more new things about the Himalayan salt lamp? Kindly drop your comments and share this post. I would love to know how many lamps you own and where you have them. My goal is to have them in every room before the end of the year.

If You Found This Post Helpful, Share Please.

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