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My irregular periods did change. Irregular in that I went from a 3 day cycle to 4 days out the blew( my doctor said it was because I turned 40!) My flow was heavier, I had a some clotting and cramps which I had Never experience. I started wearing the pads back in April and since then I have went back to my regular 3 day cycle, no more blood clots, I’m not bleeding heavy (praise God) I’m back to being light and the cramps are basically non existent like before. I’ve been out of product my last two cycles and started using the natural/organic pads from Target(made in Italy) not as harsh on my body as the others but the cramps started a little again along the heavy flow so bottom line the organic pads they don’t compare to our pads and I can’t wait to get my hands on them again!

Yalanda B

I’ve always considered myself pretty lucky when it came to my monthly because I typically and cramp heavy my first day and it slowly tapers off. What I love about the Puressence pads is it keeps the wetness (we all know about that) away from me……A great product!

Jakki W.

PureEssence was an awesome experience for me. I didn’t feel uncomfortable the time I used the product. I felt like I was drier for longer. I will definitely continue to purchase.

Falecia S.

Thank you so much for the samples! They were perfect and worked perfectly for my horrible 7 days of cycle of doom.  I really appreciate your generosity and would like to order some products in the future.

Tan M.

When I met Belinda it was at a vendor fair and my initial thought was what an awesome idea these pads were (a bit skeptical too). Well, I signed up for samples but messaged Belinda when my period was in its 2-3 day and I was raw from other pads. Let me tell you that while my bottom was still raw these pads didn’t hurt it at all (which was truly amazing). I also didn’t have to wear near as many pads as previous kinds I’ve used and actually felt drier than when I changed more often. Get that sample! It’s worth trying (especially when other pads have you raw).

Elisabeth G.


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