Negative Ions and Health Benefits

August 20, 2017 Belinda Little 14 comments
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Have you ever been to a full room, and you immediately notice a headache and nausea, and some other time you experienced this even in a well air-conditioned room? This is a possible symptom that such place lacks negative ions.

Negative ions and health benefits! How do they relate? If you go by the name, you’d probably see reasons to stop reading this article. At this point, there is a need to disregard the term “negative” as there is nothing negative about negative ions.

Negative ions are formed when atoms are charged with additional electrons, most notably oxygen molecule. Negative ions are mostly created by the effects of air, sunlight, and radiation.

Forms of Negative Ions

Negative ions come into being as a result of natural operations, and artificial operations

Natural Formation

Naturally, negative ions are formed as a result of eruptions that occur when there is a thunderstorm. Another natural way negative ions are formed is through water evaporation. The closest description to the feeling of negative ions on human bodies is the feeling one gets in the air when standing close to a waterfall. Minerals like tourmaline and germanium emit Negative ions.

Artificial Formation

Artificially Negative ions are generated by the use of air ionizers. Air ionizers use electricity to produce large quantities of negative ions. Due to its importance scientist have come up with new ionizers that use a method called “corona discharge” in its working principle. Negative Ions possess a cleansing feel. They are tasteless and odorless.

Chemical charges attract. So is the case of negative ions. They often get attracted to positive ions, which contribute to the contamination of the air. Once there is an attraction, these ions become thick and are identified by gravity, which on its own pulls them down to the earth to make the air clean and free from air pollutants.

Health Benefits of Negative Ions.

  • Air Cleanser: As stated above negative ions have a cleansing feeling in the air. The unique nature of negative ions which allows them to cling to and drag down positive ions makes them great air cleaners. In high concentration, they clear the air of smoke, odor,  bacteria,  viruses and other pollutants hence a healthy and breathe.
  •  Negative Ions Prevent People from Getting Contracted to Flu: Most research on this topic has had a significant relationship of the useful benefit of negative ions on health such as its reaction to A six-month study conducted by Swiss textile mill shows that rooms with negative ion cleansers had a low number of affected staff members during a flu epidemic.
  • Negative ions alleviate depression: It does this by creating positive vibes which released biochemical in the bloodstream. There biochemical produce a mood serotonin which helps to reduce depression.
  • Fights Seasonal Depressive Disorder: High dosages of negative ions have been found useful in the non-pharmaceutical treatment of the Seasonal depressive disorder. This procedure is known as negative ionization therapy.
  • Fights Respiratory Illness: negative ion is also found to be helpful in fighting respiratory illnesses like cold flu, hay fever, and asthma by improving the function of the cilia.
  • Reliefs Tension, Stress, and respiratory impediments. Negative ions help to relieve tension, stress, blood pressure and ease breathing by combating the harmful free radicals in the body.


Furthermore, they improve the general health condition by aiding better sleep, elevate brain functions,  performance and concentration, and reduce cases of illness with an increase in energy levels.

In a nut shell, the essential characteristics and method of production of negative ions make them efficient atmosphere cleansers, because they attract position ions the air is less contaminated, which on the other hand promotes good health condition.

With modern technology, it is getting easier to design natural ionizers for household use, small or big business premises. In my opinion, negative air cleaners are needed in every home and the presence of Negative ionizers are good preventive measures for health benefits.

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  1. Before reading this article, I knew nothing about negative ions and what they can contribute for better health. I really enjoyed reading it.

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