What mothers should do to prepare their girls for menstruation

September 20, 2017 Belinda Little No comments exist
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You know what I’m tired of hearing? There are several cases of the female child experiencing menstruation when they are not prepared or informed correctly. Imagine this; you have a female child, and she comes back from school with blood stains all over, having little or no idea about what it’s all about. Let me take a wild guess; that’s uncaring of any mother.

As a parent, you need to talk to your children about those things many see as being wrong to discuss at a tender age. Sounds confusing, right? Get this; every good mother should start talking about menstruation in a more general term to their female children from an early stage in their lives. You don’t have to wait for them to grow much or experience their periods before you let them know about it. While you try to maintain a level of morality in educating your kids, it’s not wrong to let them into what they’ll be and face as a woman or mother shortly, but in a somewhat non-formal means.

With time, the menstruation teachings shouldn’t be very much broad, rather directed and more precise. So you’ve been speaking to your girls about menstruation vastly and broadly, it’s high time you told them the gist there. Hit the point and let them know their first period may occur as soon as they get into puberty, and this may happen at any time. Do well to inform them that it’s nothing to raise the alarm, as it is common to every woman.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mom of the year by any means (hell they will tell you that). LOL But this is one subject that I do not take lightly.

Your daughter needs your time and would like you to take your time in answering all the questions she may have regarding menstruation. You don’t have to assume and give her a general answer, take your time to hear her out and give answers with experience.

You know the catch; as a mother, you have a wealth of experience when it comes to menstruation, and can offer quality and expert advice on it. Don’t just give your female child a book to study about menstruation. While it may be educative, your child needs a face-to-face teaching and information that will help her.

So you’ve given your child some words and information that can always guide her when she sees her first period, but there’s one thing. Guess what? Having the right sanitary pads crowns all teachings and instructions you’ve given so far. Menstruation is undoubtedly a time in a lady’s life when there is a greater possibility of infection if mishandled. When your daughter sees her period, you need more than just the healthy meal to keep her healthy. While so many people like to use the tampon, only a few of them knows that it could pose health problems with its constituent chemicals.

Are you thinking of a good menstrual pad to get your female children or for yourself? PurEssence is a good one, and always make its users feel good and handle their menstruation in a hygienic manner.

I would love your feedback.  How old was your daughter(s) when you talked them about this subject? Or how were you when someone talked to you about it and how did it turn out?

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