Dangers of Tampons – Toxic Shock Syndrome

August 28, 2017 Belinda Little 17 comments
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No To Tampons Yes to PurEssenceYou probably have heard of tampons a lot from those who regard the menstrual pad as not too safe because of the chemical content in it or not liking to feel like they are "wearing a diaper"(this was me at beginning at age 15). If we all believe that pads contain chemicals that are hazardous to the health, do we now exempt tampons from such claims?

Moreover, the answer is, NO!

The same hazardous claim that is meted on pads remains an active attribute to tampons. Tampons possess a more additional risk to the body system, especially when not used correctly.

First of all, what are tampons?

A tampon or tampons are absorbent materials that are used as a feminine hygiene menstrual tool. The etymologically meaning of the term makes it have a close relationship with the typical menstrual pad. Etymologically it is derived from a French word tampon, which means a piece of material that is used to block flow.

How is Tampons Dangerous?

First, the primary use of tampons by an ordinary consumer to some extent seems to be weird and unethical when you take a close look at the process of using the tampons. In some countries, the use of tampon is categorized medical materials.

That aside, with the utilization of a tampon, it raises the chance of the user to contact toxic shock syndrome (TSS). The underlying assumption is that, once the tampon is soaked with blood, some bacteria present in the vagina may develop TSS toxins that can go into the blood stream.

What is TSS?

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is an uncommon life threatening complication of a particular type of bacterial infection. On the average, TSS has a significant trace to toxins produced by the Staphylococcus bacteria.

Why Should We Be Concerned?

Tampons are categorized as medical products hence their compositions are not made public as other conglomerate products. This is much more like what we eat, or apply to our skin and bodies and it affects our bodies directly. Also, the vagina is the driest part of the feminine body and the use of tampons can cause tears which allow more opportunity for the bacteria to enter. The vagina absorbs 10 to 80% more chemical than any other part of our bodies. So it becomes very possible to contract any potential toxins that lap on the vagina. Moreover, as you know just like as common to the nostril, bacteria which reside there, which are possibly not harmful externally can become dangerous when they are forced to release a toxin into the bloodstream, and such is common with the cause of TSS.

What should you guide against?

Since we cannot avoid our menstrual cycle, what else do we do to ensure we stay hygienic without affecting our health?

There are some other alternatives such as the menstrual cup and the likes(many young girls cannot use them and many feel it's just too "icky"), and our amazing product PurEssence. It is a safer, healthier, and affordable alternative to tampons and traditional pads!! But, beyond that, you should avoid the following when it comes vagina menstrual care.

  • Pesticide residue
  • Artificial fibers
  • Bleaching agents fragrances, and dyes
  • Upgraded products

Your health and hygiene is our concern. Have a fantabulous day on purpose!!

We Say Yes!!

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17 Comments on “Dangers of Tampons – Toxic Shock Syndrome

  1. This is a very informative piece, I used to think that menstrual pads are the only unsafe sanitary pads, little did I know that my go-to choice (Tampon) is not safe either. I’m glad I came across this post, and I’ll definitely inform others.

  2. I’ve been a fan of the Tampons, and I’m liking it. But this post seems to be hinting on its potential adverse effects. Does this mean Tampons are not by any means safe for the female body?

    1. Bingo! Most OB-GYNs advise against them because of the potential harm it could cause. My daughter was advised not to wear them because the doctor believed it kept causing her bacteria.

  3. I may sound naive, but the truth is I didn’t know about Tampon until I read this awesome article. I’m glad I’ve never used it!

  4. I’ve always wanted the best for myself and family, and that’s why I don’t toy with my period, as well kids. PurEssence is undoubtedly a product I need to have as soon as possible. How do I get this amazing product?

    1. I know right!! I have 3 daughters and a granddaughter and I’m so glad that now I know better so I can teach and provide them with a safer, healthier option.

      You’re in luck!! I’m an independent distributor of PURESSENCE and you can order or request a sample from me by going to my contact or request sample page. I promise you won’t use anything else. ?

  5. I love this article! Many wouldn’t know they’re doing it the unhealthy way without reading this. I appreciate your effort in putting up this informative content.

  6. With the passage of time and with increased awareness about dangers of tampons, people are now cautious. Thanks for spreading the awareness and for being a responsible human being.

  7. My sister survived toxic shock syndrome 5 years ago but I can still remember it as a nightmare. Luckily, with early stage diagnosis, she recovered very fast.

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