5 surprising reasons why you should use essential oils

September 7, 2017 Belinda Little 6 comments
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While some persons may have the clue of essential oils, others don’t. Here’s a quick catch; these oils are naturally occurring compounds with various aromas and are found in the roots, barks, stems, flowers, and even seeds of plants.

Want to know a secret? Essential oils work more than you may think. Get this; you’re sure of getting many benefits when you use these oils. Below are some of the surprising benefits of these oils.

Tap into nature: Apparently, natural things far outweigh artificial things, and this is manifested in essential oils. These oils are 100% organic and come from natural sources as listed above. They stimulate the skin cells and renew them, bringing back the effects and memories of those olden days when natural extracts are hoisted.

Smells great without perfume: Smack! You love smelling good and cannot compromise it, what if you can’t get hold of perfumes? Well, you have essential oils to always count on. Let me take a crazy guess; everyone loves to smell nice and would like to have some fragrance in our skincare products. These types of oils come in handy here and have different scents to suit both masculine and feminine fragrance needs.

Aromatherapeutic effects: Do you know that the human mind is closely tied to how the skin looks? Yes, you got that right! Essential oils are more like antibiotics with little or no side effects when compared to the pharmaceutical counterparts. These oils have powerful effects emotionally and have high positive effects when it comes to easing and relieving stress. When diffused into the air and inhaled, they provide good aromatherapeutic effects to the human health.

Reduced wrinkles and skin weakness: There’s no denying that one of the problems many encounters is wrinkles, especially on the face; women can relate to this more. Essential oils are necessary for the skin and face, making the body look smoother and supple. While many seek to have moisturized skin, only a few know the added advantage of mixing oils to skin care products and leverage on it. These oils have molecules that the skin absorb easily, and get good supplements to look good. If you wish to have more nourished skin without wrinkles, then you don’t have to undermine the use of these oils.

Pain reliever: Sometimes, we experience pains including rheumatisms, muscular aches, backache, sprains and others, and we tend to be confused on how to go about relieving these pains. Essential oils work well here. A regular massage with these oils, especially lavender oil relieves such pain. Likewise, rubbing essential oils on the affected or pain region gives a good relief.

I’m blessed to have many entrepreneur friends and a few specialize in making their own jewelry and diffusers for essential oils.  They also mix essential oils to find the best remedy for people depending on what they have going on.

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Infused Charm for all our diffusing jewelry needs

Here’s the point; nature has given human beings several ways to alleviate most health conditions, as well optimize the overall health. Essential oils make it to the top of the list, standing out as one efficient way of getting aromatherapy, pain relief, rich and nourished skin among others. Are you ready? It’s time to get your oil and get these unending benefits.

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6 Comments on “5 surprising reasons why you should use essential oils

  1. We should trust essential oils because they are organic and natural. Never ever take them as granted because they are the gift of nature for you.

  2. Creating a blended scent was never ever that easy until my friend told me that I could do it using essential oils. With essential oils and a little quantity of vodka, I was able to create my own custom perfume. Awesomeness!

  3. Your knowledge about certain medical complications is exceptional. Thank you very much for helping us to be healthy and strong!

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